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My Situation:
My name is David Barron of Victoria, BC. Unfortunately, I am in need of a double lung transplant for Idiosyncratic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Before the doctors will operate, I need to raise $25,000 to cover the cost of a live-in care-giver during the 6 to 8 month recovery after being released from the hospital.

Brief History:
- Veteran - 4 years with CDN Navy; 4 years with US Navy
- Commercial diver (plus nautical archaeology and recreational)
- Instructor for Offshore Survival (BOST and FRC courses for oil rig workers on Grand Banks)
- Post This!, etc. (worked on my own until 2008 recession)
- Assisted-Living (assistance for disabled parent - 2009-2011)
- Commissionaire - CFB Dockyard Esquimalt (2012-14)

Closed Business:
Since closing my business (Post This!) in 2008 due to the recession, I have been trying to sell off the remaining inventory to save the landfill.

Some of My Achievements:
Author - Atlantic Diver Guides (SOLD OUT - 1988 - 4 volumes; 1999 - `Combined' edition)
Researcher - Northern Shipwrecks Database (100,000+ North American shipwrecks)
Satirist - `Expose Yourself to Nova Scotia' image (at Peggy's Cove - 1989)
Designer - `In Cod We Trusted' concept and image (1989)
Designer - `Newfoundland Speedbump poster" concept and image (1990)
Editor/Publisher - Divers Free Press (1990-92)
Enjoying 31 years on the East Coast (1978-2009)

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