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Northern Shipwrecks Database

Sample Screens

The Northern Shipwrecks Database has 5 Primary Screens to recall and present records.
1. From the Global Quadrant Screen, the user selects one of four quadrants or the entire world ("All")

2. Then select either the Basic Search Screen (this example finds Nantucket wrecks in the 1840's), or...

3. ... the Advanced Search Screen (this example finds Spanish ships carrying gold from Cuba and lost about Florida).

4. The results of either search produces the Summary Screen which can be scrolled down and back up to locate the desired record.

5. The user can then click on any record from the "Summary' screen to view the Details Screen providing a full-screen wreck report. This screen permits the user to either print the report or page up or down to view other records.

Additional Screens:
Click on the Files in the upper left-hand corner to access supplementary databases.
  6. References
  7. Regions (breakdown of a main search parameter)
  8. Abbreviations
  9. Museums & Other Sources (not available on future versions)
  10. Dive Shops & Clubs (not available on future versions)

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